The following are reasons your gift links may not work properly; 


-You may have added the item from the shopping cart of the product’s website instead of from the product details page. Gifts added from the shopping cart will not properly show on your gift list. 


-A link may also not work if you added the item from a website that uses Flash technology. Websites that ask you for your state or ZIP code before entering can also be problematic. 


-The store discontinued carrying the item, the product is out of stock, or the item listed is simply no longer available. 


If you've added gifts from a shopping cart or from a problematic website, go back to your registry and remove these items immediately. You can easily login and delete items that are causing problems by going to the My Gifts to locate the item and click the trashcan icon to Delete. Once deleted, you may go back to the store’s website, find the item in question and add it to your registry from the product detail page. 


* If you need additional assistance, please email us at