To buy multiple items at once from the same store, you have two options. Here are the steps for the first option. 

  1. Click the BUY NOW button to get connected to the store and place the first item in the cart. 
  2. Return to MyRegistry, SKIP the purchase question, and click "Select MORE registry items."
  3. Add the next item to the cart and repeat step 2 until you're ready to check out.
  4. Complete checkout, then return to MyRegistry once more to update the registry. 

Another option is once you're directed to a store's website and place the first item in the shopping cart, to continue to look for other items from the registry. You can easily print the gift list or leave the window with the registry open at the same time. Once all the items are placed in the cart, continue your checkout on the store’s website. After you purchase multiple items please go back to the registry to mark those items as Purchased to prevent other guests from buying the same items.If each item directs you to a different store, your only option is to find all the items you wish to buy at the same store and pay for them all at once. Try using the store’s search box to find additional items.