Your guests purchase gifts for you directly from the stores included in your registry. The transaction of purchasing and shipping an item will be made on the store’s website (your guests will be automatically directed to the store), not on Once a guest has purchased a gift for you, they are asked by to mark the gift as Purchased to prevent other people from purchasing the same gift again. 

The process of purchasing a gift is as follows: When one of your guests finds your registry, they have the option to select from any of the items that you’ve listed. When the guest decides what gift they want to buy, they simply click the BUY NOW button located in the same box as the item. They will then have 2 steps to complete.

Step 1: We will redirect guests to the store website to view or buy (step 1 also displays the shipping address so guests may enter in the shipping fields when checking out).

Step 2: We ask that your guests return after purchasing on the retail site and answer Yes to the Did you buy it? question, and enter their order number, name and email to update the registry.