Playing Secret Santa is a holiday tradition that a lot of people love to hate, which is why we’ve given it a twist that will make people love Secret Santa again. Here’s how our Secret Santa works: 

  1. Get your Secret Santa group together. Your group can be anyone–friends, family, even coworkers. And since you can draw names online, you don’t even all have to be in the same place to play!
  2. One person from your group will set up your Secret Santa event, they’re the administrator. They’ll manage the event–send out invitations to the other participants, make sure people are signing up, and eventually draw the names of who is matched up with whom. 
  3. Once you’re invited to your Secret Santa event, you’ll be prompted to create a Gift List. This is where the fun happens! You can add as many gifts to your Gift List, from any store in the world, but have to add at least one gift to participate.
  4. Once everyone in your group has accepted their invitation, the Admin can draw names, and you’ll find out who your Secret Santa recipient is. From there you just need to look at your recipient’s Gift List to find a gift you know they really want, and you’re about to become the best Secret Santa they’ve ever had!